About Me

Hi, I’m Allison Cecil and I’m the jeweler behind Praxis! It is just myself and my three rescued Great Danes and a bossy boots cat who hand craft and build each item of jewelry one piece at a time. (Well the animals don’t work too hard, but do provide a lot of supervision!) I strive to create an environmentally low-impact business and each piece is created with reclaimed precious metals and ethically sourced stones. 

I use to own a company where we made hundreds of rings and other products per month. I sold the company in late 2012 so that I can spend more time focusing on the very enjoyable process of making jewelry. My work has been sold around the world in stores like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, The Culinary Institute of America and tons of fun little shops that you always find just the best things in. My work has appeared in numerous magazines including Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, The Food Network Magazine, and Southern Living. Those years of owning a large business was crazy and fun and crazy fun! The part I really enjoyed was the connection I made with clients. Hearing their stories, sharing in their lives and providing them a piece of jewelry that would be cherish for a lifetime was such an amazing expereince. As you can imagine, making hundreds of pieces of jewelry a month didn’t allow me to connect with each and every client or allowed me to really "dig in" and get to the core of my clients' needs. I really enjoying making an ally in the process of constructing a ring or necklace so that is why I started Praxis Jewelry.

From start to finished there really is a story behind each and every piece. Sometimes life changing like an engagement ring or a wedding band. Or perhaps something lighthearted like a fun party with a guy or girl you are excited to flirt with and you want to feel your best. Every piece has a story and so do you. I love hearing about it so please drop me a line via email and tell me your story.

A little bit more about me (just in case you were wondering!)

I love to surf and most days I start my day with a morning surf "sesh" with my surfer girl friends, followed by a gigantic soy latte or an even bigger smoothie (banana, blueberry, orange is my favorite). Then I gather up the dogs and we head to the studio to start our day's work! I'm married to the man of my dreams and we live together in a little old house in San Diego, California. When I'm not surfing, paddle boarding, or running with the dogs on the beach, you can find my husband and I indulging in a bit of local craft beer, traveling the world, and trying to resist bringing home every interesting rock or twig we find on our desert hikes together.