Organic shaped 14k gold ring


Organic shaped 14k gold ring. This solid 14 karat gold ring has an organic shape to it. I had apply the wave like contour so each ring is a little bit different. 


The ring's height varies from about 2-3mm. 

The band is available in solid 14k yellow gold (shown in photos), 14k palladium white gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, 14k green gold, and the same colors in 18k gold (please contact me for a quote for 18k gold). 

A single letter monogram is available. Please leave a note at checkout if you would like a letter stamped onto your ring. 

I apply a slight bright finish to each ring to create a matte look. I can also polish the ring to a high shine or a brush finish. If you do not specify, I will finish the ring with the slight bright finish as shown in the photos. 

This ring is available in various gold options. Please note that the gold is left its natural color. Most commercially mass produced white gold rings are plated with a layer of rhodium, which makes them very bright white. My white gold rings are left in their natural state which is a rich dark grey hue that is wonderful. The white gold does contain some nickel and palladium white gold does not.

Every piece of jewelry in my shop is created by me in my studio in sunny San Diego.

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