Hammered ring 14k gold


Hammered ring made from solid 14k gold. This thin and simple 14k gold has a unique hammered band. A great 14k gold wedding ring or an everyday ring. 

The ring measures about 2.2mm high and 1mm thick. Each pieces is hand hammered and no two will be exactly alike. 

The ring is made from 100% eco-friendly recycled solid 14k gold. It is available is 14k yellow gold (shown in the photos), 14k white gold and 14k rose gold.

Please note that most commercially mass produced white gold rings are plated with a layer of rhodium, which makes them very bright white. All my 14k gold rings are left in their natural state. The white gold rings are a rich dark grey hue that is wonderful. The white gold does contain some nickel. If you have nickel allergies please contact me before purchasing this ring, as I can order different white gold to accommodate you. 

These rings are made entirely from eco-friendly recycled gold.

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