Personalized Silver Cuffs Brass, Silver or Gold Custom Bracelets


Personalized cuffs. These personalized bracelets come in sterling silver, brass, solid 14k yellow gold or mix and match. Each custom bracelet has been hand hammered and hand stamped to create custom bracelets with the text of your choice.

These are sold individually and this listing is for ONE cuff. Increase the quantity to purchase multiple cuffs.  

These are textured and have a very organic and rustic look to them. Wear one at a time or stack them all up.  

When checking out on the cart page there is a box at the bottom titled: 

Please indicate the size(s) you need, personalization for cuffs, rings or necklaces and any special instructions for your order...

Let me know in there what you would like stamped on each cuff. There is a maximum of 40 characters and spaces combined per bracelet. The font IN ALL UPPERCASE (lowercase is not available) and a heart shown are the only font available for these pieces. 

Made from solid brass and/or recycled sterling silver and/or recycled solid 14k yellow gold. The area where the text has been stamped has been hammered flat and is about 3mm-4mm wide. The ends have been left round and have a comfortable smooth end and measures about 2.6mm. 

The solid 14k gold version letters are not darkened in, but if you prefer I can darken them, just mention that during checkout. 

PLEASE NOTE: Brass oxidizes very quickly to create a very cool patina that changes over time. The cuffs will arrive shined and polished but over time (as quickly as a week or sometimes months) the brass will get darker and take on a beautiful darker hue and lovely patina. I do include a polishing pad with your order so you can polish the cuffs if you like them to remain shiny and bright. 

Each cuff measures 6" in length and fits most wrists because it can be squeezed tighter or pulled open. If you would like a different length I would be happy to accommodate your request.


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